Diplomatic Missions Open at Home and Abroad

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The echo of the sabers of war may still rattle throughout the sector, but new hope for the fragile peace can be found in the new round of Diplomatic Missions being opened throughout the well traveled worlds. In addition to the Hengeyokai Embassy on Mu Draconis, the once insular people are in the process of opening consulates on Dragon’s Egg and other worlds in this sector of the ‘verse.

New Diplomatic Quad on the Main Deck (East) at The Botany Bay Colony, Nova Gaia.

This effort is not limited to off world efforts. Today the Administration unveiled the new Diplomatic Quad on the Main Deck of the Botany Bay settlement. The space, recently refitted as part of the ongoing CIP (Capital Improvement Program) , is home to six off world consulates. The space has already seen much interest from the local cluster with the worlds of Whitehall and Al Raqis (Mu Draconis) opening consulates. While short of full diplomatic missions consulates give visitors from all worlds a chance to learn more about distance worlds, and are a symbol of civil relations between peoples.


Ranger Diplomacy,- Rangers speaking with the Magistrate and USD commander at the recent awards cermony on Mu Draconis.


Kahn Jubilynn had this to say ” We are pleased to exchange diplomats with the many worlds who’s threads are interwoven with ours. My hope is the presence of consulates from many worlds will help iron out some of the misunderstandings, which distance, and unfamiliarity breed.”

It is believed that formal relations with more worlds will be soon to follow, with Paquin being a likely participant in the growing network.

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