Colonial Rangers Establish Forward Station at Botany Bay

<< Begin Transmission>>

Further indicating the continued presence of Colonial Rangers in our sector of the ‘verse the Colony Administration at Botany Bay announced the establishment of a Ranger Station & Barracks at the colony at Nova Gaia.  Announced as part of the ongoing Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the barracks is located adjacent to the crew quarters on ‘B’ deck.  


Ranger Commander Ilyanna Kell breifs Rangers of the Kell Hounds before departing Botany Bay for Mu Draconis.

Colonial Rangers utilize Ranger Stations on Hengeyokai colonies to rest, arm and refit. These forward operating bases allow Rangers to operate far from their Homeworld of Fenris.  The new Station and Barracks at Botany Bay is equipped to support a full Trinary of Rangers and is outfitted with Command and Control equipment, Barracks, Armory, Training Facilities and Logistics storage.  Rangers generally have the support of the Colonial Administration, and access to the CiC, Repair, Medical and Logistic facilities of the Hengeyokai Colony as well.  Not to be confused with orbital stations, “Station” is the term used by the Rangers to describe any permanent or semi-permanent base of operations, distinguishing these facilities form “outposts” which tend to be temporary in nature.


Ranger preparing of a Training Mission. Ranger Stations are equipped with training facilities such as Firing Ranges to keep the Rangers in top form.

Station Botany Bay is sure to play a role in further Ranger deployments in the sector, such as the recent support of Operations Desert Resolve on  Mu Draconis. Representatives from the Kell Hounds Cluster’s Alpha Binary returned to Mu Draconis to receive awards from the local government, on behalf of the Ranger cluster.  Quick, decisive deployments are the hallmark of Ranger Deployments.  While the Rangers are new to this region of space, questions continue to swirl around their orgins with various intelligence organizations working to develop more information on the force. Thus far, both the rangers and Hengeyokai Kahn Jubilynn have been quiet on the subject.


Representitives form Ranger Cluster Kell Hounds accept awards from the Al Raqis Magistrate for the Ranger’s participation in the defense of Mu Draconis from the Ta’Seti.

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