Andromeda Station Reopens After Extensive Refit

After months of refits and construction,, Botany Bay has a new docking facility on line. Andromeda Station sits in mid orbit ready to accept most vessels big and small. Owner operator KT Haystack states “i offer a low cost alternative to the congestive docking ports,, with an added bit of comfort such as garden,, and bar facilities,, with the most Cargo space of any orbital facility at Present we eager to facilitate all your trading needs”.

Station Main Hanger Bay

The interview did get testy when the some what murky  past of the well traveled Capitan,, especially the suggestion by some she was the daughter of the notoriousness Pirate Nate Haystack,, where miss Haystack rather tersely states she has little memory of her past due to some Genetic surgery done to her years ago, but she does state this, “Freedom of trade and life is the general has always been the way of the Haystack Clan,, and organization like the Alliance for an example is  cures upon the Verse!”

Andromeda Station

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