Rangers Arrive to Help Repel Ta’Seti Attack On Mu Draconis

In a yet unprecedented move, the Hengeyokai dispatched a detachment of Colonial Rangers to Mu Draconis to assist the world’s defenders in defeating the Ta’Seti menace.  The operation, dubbed “Desert Resolve” Saw the Ranger Detachment known as  Kell’s Hounds  respond via the Astria Portia to in response to the Ta’Seti Raid On Evangeline. The May 8th Midday raid saw allied military forces push back a Ta’Seti Combined arms raid launced from their desert base in Wadi Emert against the KPS and SSFS facilities in the Evageline region of Araxis.  The ranger detachment, assisted the combined local force of USD, KPS and SSFS.

Ranger Commander Ilyanna Kell had this to say, “ Per our OPORD  a Star of  Rangers deployed as a Quick Reaction force via the Astira Portia  and deployed on a piece of high ground overlooking the enemy’s probably avenue of approach. We maintained an over watch by fire from this location,  engaging enemy forces as they presented,  controlling their northern flank by occupying it by fire, and denying them freedom of movement. “


Commander Kell delivers the OPORD and premission brefing at the ‘sand table’ set up in the Botany Bay landing bay prior to the mission.

The plan seemed to work, as initial reports are that allied forces were able to push the ta’seti raiding party back towards their base.  Analysts predict this is the first of several raids for the Ta’Seti forces as they seek a military solution to their current situation.


Ranger Detachment Kell’s Hounds deploy though the Astira Portia as part of a QRF in response to a Ta’Seti attack on Mu Draconis.

The  deployment of Colonial Rangers is a new development in this region of the ‘verse. Long used as the Hengeyokai’s military arm, the force, trained almost exclusive in long range, small unit tactics will be surely become another tool in Kahn Jubilynn Lane’s capable hands. . When asked if the Kell Hounds will remain at Botany Bay, the Administration refused to comment citing they do not discuss deployment of military forces as a matter security.  Initial causality figures are currently unavailable.


Rangers Guarding the Entrace to House Morloch’s estate as the battle ranges around it.

While the disposition of Kell’s Hounds is currently unknown, it is likely a Ranger Detachment will be operating as a QRF in the local sectors for some time to come

For Full Coverage of the Colonial Rangers, and Operation “ Desert Resolve”  See Below:


Commander Kell and the Kell Hounds regoup and exhange information with the KPS in front of the Magistarte’s Keep, just following the action on other parts of Mu Draconis.

DeClassified Operational Data Report
Title: House Hengeyokai’s Colonial Rangers


The Colonial Rangers are a Peace Making / Peace Keeping / Peace Monitoring force financed and under the operational control of the Hengeyokai. Made up of citizens and colonists from the far reaches of the ‘verse, the Rangers  operate in small groups away from the Hengeyokai colonies giving the Hengeyokai a ‘surgical military option’. The force is an elite, highly professional military force used to operating in small units and away from a central command.

Rangers. What are they? Who are they? What is their ranking and organizational Structure?

In this report we will attempt to define and make the organizational structure of the rangers as a fighting force, what they mean to House Hengeyokai as a fighting force, and break down their ranking system to terms easy to understand for one not part of their system.

Colonial Rangers Fighting force organizational numbers:

To begin with, they are not organized along the typical military number charts. There is no squad, platoon, or company, or even regiment among them. To understand how they function, we must discard those old military terms and adopt new ones that the rangers have organized themselves into. Here below, listed from smallest size to largest size unit in how they operate.

Point The closest thing to a squad, a point consists of a group of infantry of five men. If however the Point is refenced in terms of fighting vehicles the number differs slightly. for jet fighters of any type, a Point is two fighters. In terms of tanks, this is usually one heavily armored and armed tank to a point.

So to summarize, a point is 5 infantry, or two fighters, or one tank. The point is lead by a SaComm unless an officer is present in the point, the only non-commissioned style of rank the rangers employ.

Star A star of units is the first true unit that requires an officer to lead, and consists of five points. Reguardless of the makeup of those points, there is always five points to a Star, though in the authors humble experience a star is seldom more then one type of unit, usually it is purely infantry or purely fighting vehicles. It has been observed rarely however, for a mixed star of fighting vehicles and infantry to be deployed. This is lead by a  Star Commander, or the senior SaCommander (SaCom), sub commander, if the commander is incapacitated or otherwise unavailable.

Nova Consisting of 3 stars, a nova is usually an integrated unit mix of stars of different types. Notably, this usually consists of one star of fighting ground vehicles, one star of infantry, and one star of flying vehicles. But again is not the case one hundred percent of the time. A nova unit is usually lead by a Nova Commander of the rangers, but failing that the senior Commander will take the lead.

SuperNova SuperNova units are rare unit types consisting of 5 stars of units. These reinforced units are rarely deployed except in cases of emergency where excessive force is needed. Their leaders, a senior Commander as well, are the same rank as the leader of a Nova unit.

Cluster The next unit type up the chain is referred to as a Cluster, and consists of anywhere from 3 to 5 novas or supernovas. This is mostly based on the prestige and skill of the officer leading them, more skilled leaders will have smaller number of units, while the more public leaders will have larger number of units for shows of public force. It is excessively rare for an entire cluster of rangers to be deployed to a single planet, often times there are no more then a Nova or SuperNova on one planet at any given time. Clusters are lead by the most experienced commanders who carry the additional title of Cluster Commander.

Galaxy The galaxy unit structure is hard to define, as it currently encompasses the entire ranger structure of deployable forces. On paper they claim to only have 3 total clusters deployable, but truth of the matter may be more as current estimates from in the field have counted far more units then should be within 3 clusters as their current math unit structure would suggest. The Galaxy level unit is lead by a Hengeyokai Khan or, in the rare case of incapacity, a SaKhan of the Hengeyokai.

Chain of Command and Ranks within the Rangers:

The command chain is fairly easy to follow, and will be explained in detail below. The following is a list of ranks starting from the highest rank to the lowest, and then we will endeavor to detail the duties of each rank.

Khan SaKhan Commander (Cluster Commander) (Nova/SuperNova Commander) SaCommander Ranger

Khan and SaKhan The Khan of the Hengeyokai, and to a lesser degree the SaKhan, oversee all strategic level commands and deployment of the Rangers to nessecary objectives as determined by the  Hengeyokai Elders and the Khan and SaKhan. Notably, the SaKhan is the lesser rank and only leads in the event of the Khan being unable to for any reason. Each Clan of he Hengeyokai has a Khan and SaKhan or equivalent ranks.

Cluster Commander Usually dealing with a mix of tactical and strategical command level devisions, it is rare for more then one SaCom to be on a world at a time. Even rarer still for more then one Cluster Commanders to be on a world. SaCom’s often don’t even have their full command on the same world as them, but are the liasons between governments when such is nessecary and make most the strategic level decisions rangers might face.  Cluster Commander and SaCom are duty positions with in the Rangers and not a separate rank. Commanders compete in trials or are awarded a Cluster command based on merit and skill.

Commander This is the most common type of officer to be found within the Ranger’s ranks, leading a star, nova or supernova. They make the most pertinent tactical decisions and lead from the front with gun in hand or piloting a vehicle themselves. Every commander endeavors to know his Star inside and out, their strengths and weaknesses of every point and every soldier that dares to call themselves a ranger under their command.

SaCommander The only  junior officer / non-commissioned style of rank the Rangers employ, these rangers are veterans of countless campaigns and often have the scars to prove it. They lead when the Star when the commander cannot, survive where other soldiers die, and charge where the morale of lesser men has long since broken. SaCommanders are also known as SaCom’s.

Ranger The most basic and forefront warrior rank among the Rangers, they fight and they live or die based on the skill of their SaCommander, Commander, and their own hand. The process to call oneself a ranger is long and grueling, often times the recruits die before they can claim the title of ranger, but they are proud, strong, and disciplined warriors when they do, willing to die in the name of the Hengeyokai to maintain the ‘peace’.

The meaning of the Rangers to House Hengeyokai

The rangers are the military arm and caste of Hengeyokai, proud and disciplined they go where the House determines is the best place to maintain the peace. The exact defination of this however is largely up to the House and its Khan, and sometimes doesn’t match up with the rest of the ‘verse’s defination.

Never deployed at home for longer then it takes to rearm and resupply, the Ranger’s are constantly out and about in the universe, usually deployed in Star level units to an entire world. Often times though, it is rare to encounter more then one point of these elite soldiers at a time. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t underestimate the ferocity, skill, and ability of these soldiers as seldom is more then star needed to pacify a whole planet.


Ranger Commander breifs Kahn Juiblynn and the CiC staff the details of the Action on Mu Draconis and the outcome of Op Desert Resolve, in the safety of Botany Bay’s CiC.

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