Citadel Visitors Bring Trouble – Get Killed & Banished

<< Begin Transmission>>

Always a busy port and way station for travelers from all over the verse, recent visitors from the Citadel have brought trouble to Botany Bay, with events having unfolded this Saturday afternoon, the 6th of  May.  Samara, an Asari Justicar, whom according to sources had recently been denied permission to hunt an alleged fugitive within the Nova Gaia Protectorate, arrived in Sol Cantina with an unnamed female prisoner.     The Justicar was assaulted early Saturday afternoon in a targeted attack, being gunned down by an unknown assailant in the busy Cantina.  Initial reports of snipers and explosives have proven to be unfounded. The assailant was likely to have been on the balcony of the common’s room. Reports of an explosion and shattered glass turned out to be the result of decorative lighting and associated EPS relays having been damaged in the assault.


Justicar Samara with other patrons, moment before the assault.

CRASH medical crews, led by Cyan, rushed the Justicar to the medbay, but she was beyond the considerable skills of the medical department, and died after an hour of advanced care was provided.

Approximately two hours after the initial incident, RAM officers cornered the assailant, a construct known as a ‘scout’. During the exchange, the unit slipped the containment and managed to enter SOL cantina, where it was successfully engaged by Captain Ona and Vala. The construct, rigged to self-destruct, as safely detonated behind the cantina, within a security field erected by IRIS to protect the patrons, having been dragged there by Vala.  The resulting explosion started a small fire, which was quickly extinguished, damaging BOB the auto tender, but much to several people’s disappointment, not destroying him.  The quick actions of Captain’s Ona and Vala were noted by the Administration.

As news of the assault spread an acquaintance of Samara’s arrived. The visitor, claiming to be a member of the citadel military, began making demands and allegations,  and finally threatening RAM Chief Palo and by proxy Administrator Jubilynn. RAM escorted Miranda, from the colony, assisted by the Bastet Warrior Shekmet, who arrived when Miranda assaulted her escort in port authority.

RAM’s investigation into the incident uncovered the assailants were members of a militant group native to the Citadel region knows only as KPS. KPS’s agenda, incudes assaults on Asari Justicar’s throughout the known verse.


Cyan attends to a bystander, injured in the events of 6 May 2512 in the CRASH Medbay.

While the Colony is generally safe, the Administration reminds visitors and colonist alike, that freedom brings with it certain risks, and that in the end, the safety and security of all residents and visitors is the responsibility of the Administration and colonists together.  Incidents such as these are rare throughout the Nova Gaia protectorate, more so within the Botany Bay settlement itself.   When asked about the incident, Administrator Lane had this to say: “This Saturday’s events were unfortunate, but folks often bring their baggage with them when they visit our protectorate, and troubled folk, often bring trouble. We accept some risk, in order to promote the exchange of ideas and commerce that flows though the Colony, to remove all risk would make our home a police state. RAM (Risk Assessment and Management, the colony security force) makes those assessments daily, in order to ensure both your safety, and freedoms.”

The administration is reviewing security measures and risk management procedures. Currently traffic and visitors from Citadel space is  subject to a Risk Assessment delay and review (RADaR).  Miranda has been deported and banished from protectorate space.

<< Nothing Follows>>

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