Anti Appeasement Act Passes Mu Draconis Landsraat

Anti Appeasement Act: “The Government of Araxes will not grant any concessions to any aggressor. The sale of spice, access to any government owned or operated facilities or services and placement in the government to any group that brings armed conflict to Araxes or makes war on the Imperium shall be prohibited.”

Much to the displeasure of the Magistrate and “Desert Dwell” members of the Landsraat, the Anti Appeasement Act, passed both houses of the Mu Draconis Legislature. The Beit Dawla passed the measure unanimously and moved it in secret to a vote by proxy with members of the Landsraat. The measure received five ‘aye’ votes even before Delegate Zeno Braxton brought it before the council at Wednesday’s meeting.  Seconded by Emissary Jubilynn Lane, Khan of the Hengeyokai  and supported by Dr. Eliza Deerhunter  of the Hoto Nagi Zion  and  LT Laser Rainfall of Starfleet the measure further divided the Landsraat along “ Desert Dweller and Star Born camps, with voting falling largely along ‘party’ lines.  

As expected, Magistrate Joan al Jofat  and Khaliifa Rashad loudly argued that this was a declaration of war against the Ta’Seti, continuing to ignore the fact, that the Ta’Seti have already attacked the world, and are currently still engaged in military operations in the Mu Draconis System: to quote Khan Jubilynn “ you are at war Magistrate.”

The Dwellers accuse the star born of wishing to bring war to their ancestral home, while not defending it with off world blood or treasure. While the Star born point out that appeasing off world aggressors, only encourages further aggression from other races who would wish to plunder the world for its spice. While both sides have merit to their argument, events throughout the ‘verse have sown appeasement rarely ensures peace, false appeasement even less so.

In the debate following the passage of the act, the Magistrate and Kahillia let slip, their intention to have defrauded the Ta’Seti of their percentage even if they Ladsraat had passed the Appeasement Measure. How such a deception would have been successfully accomplished remains a matter of much debate, but the public admission of the two senior government officials, planning to not honor terms bargained and agreed to, will surely come back to haunt them in future negations with others.

The council passed two other measures, voting to uphold the rights of citizens and visitors to due process in the event of arrest or detention, the law having been sponsored by delegate Baxton as well reads:

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.”

The measure is particularly important to the members of government given the incident of last year’s detention of members of the Landsraat.

In a little debated measure, the group identified as “ Jadist Terrorists” have been declared enemies of the state and good order. The meeting ended quickly after this measure passing with little debate, the evenings other debates seeming to have drained the delegates of their fire and venom.

After the meeting, it has been widely reported that the desert born are going to ground, in anticipation of the coming Ta’Seti response to the new negations. Several outside military experts continue to believe that the Ta’Seti threat is over blow, and their initial attack was designed to sow fear into the systems’ defenders and citizens, and allow them to negotiate the settlement in their favor. Now that their bluff has been called, analysts believe another armed incursion to the surface is likely.

In the interim, allied military forces are in motion both within the Mu Draconis system and elsewhere, shall the need arise.


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