Asgard Scientist Assaulted on Dragon’s Egg

<< Begin Transmission>>

Living up to its reputation as a port unsafe for non-human visitors, Asgard Scientist John Sheppard-Eagle was viciously attacked late yesterday while visiting the port facilities on the backwater world.

“ It was horrible, I was making my way to the landing area though the settlement when out of no where shots rang out.”  The assailant, identified as a local resident,  opened fire without warning or provocation, firing a volley of rounds at the unarmed Asgard visitor. “ I was lucky his aim was as good as his hospitality,” the grey skinned scientist joked.   The scientist was able to hole up in an unoccupied building until the assailant passed, but was took more fire as he made his way back to his puddlejumper. “I’m not even sure if the other guys were shooting at me, but they defiantly seemed to be, apparently they have an issue with off worlders.”

Mr. Sheppard-Eagles assessment is shared by many of the races plying trade along the black. Long a human colony, Dragon’s Egg has never been tolerant of other species. The recent attack has promoted several commercial shipping firms, who often have multicultural crews, to reroute traffic around the system.  Botany Bay has issues an advisory NOTAMS, warning potential visitors of the human-centric violence that plagues the system.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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