Threats, Rites and Judges Bans: Laandsrat Special Session

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ITN Report …

A special session of the Al Raqis Laandsrat was held last evening. The session, held at the bequest of Lillybell of House Morloch, was another in a series of contentious meetings where little was settled, and if anything the two ‘camps’ of the Laandsrat drifted further apart.  While the official reason for the meeting being called, was to further investigate the claims of Myrmidon Order’s actions, and whether they could be considered treasonous as several delegates had claimed.  What transpired was anything but discussion or investigation. 

The meeting started, and continued… and continued .. with a lengthy statement from Lillybell where she accused the Laandsard members of  an honor crime and invoked the local custom of Kanly or vengeance against Fā-Le Yán and Lt Rainfall of star fleet.  Witnesses report that woman openly threatened the Companion and Starfleet officer in the courtroom, as if they were in some back Alley on Corsuant. While bloodfueds are common on many worlds, and with many races,  it is rare that such tactics are brought against government officials who are executing their sworn duties.

As seems to be par course, chaos erupted as the various factions faced off, eventually the Magistrate was able to gain control of the courtroom, and issue a Judges’ Ban, which effectively settled the issue for the time being, ruling the feud, essentially bad for business, and threatening to strip the offending house or houses of lands and title if they pursued the matter further.

While the swift action of the Magistrate was applauded by many observers and analysts the looming question still hangs, how will the Laandsrat govern the world, when there the delegates are polarized into two camps, ” Desert Born’ and ” Star Born”?  

Please see ITN’s weekend coverage of the Issue, On sale, on the Cortex this weekend!

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