Hengeyokai Embassy Opens on Mu Draconis

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The Administration of the Hengeyokai Colony on Botany Bay is pleased to announce the opening of its Embassy in Al Raqis in the Mu Draconis System.  Located in the heart of the city, mere steps from the Courthouse, the Embassy provides services to Colonist and visitors visiting the Desert world. Parties seeking services from the embassy, or an audience with a Colonial Official or the Hegeyokai should contact the embassy staff. 


The Hengeyokai Colony of Botnay Bay's Embassy in Al Raqis City, Mu Draconis.


The establishment of the facility is the first in a reported expansion of the usually reclusive Hengeyokai house. Kahn Jubilynn the Adminstrator of the Botnay Bay Colony, and Emissary to Mu Draconis had this to say, ” The Hengeyokai are pleased to have this permanent presence in the Mu Draconis system.  Our people have a history in this system, and we support the current movement to bring balance back to the world, and its people. “

The Hengeyokai return has become the talk of the town in some circles. Following the Exodus of Botany Bay settlement from a short stay deep in the deserts of the world, few thought they would see the return of the reclusive house. The colony has thrived and prospered on Nova Gaia, in ways that would have been impossible in the desert.  ” Nova Gaia was a gift, ” Jubilynn has been quoted on many occasions.


Emissary Jubilynn working in the office of the new Botnay Bay Embassy. A photo of the short lived desert settlement hangs on the office wall, a reminder that those who fail to remember history , are doomed to repeat it.

The Hengeyokai interest in the Mu Draconis system continues to stymie many anaylsts, as they seem to have no interest in the spice trade. As with most things time will tell, and many eyes are upon the Emissary  and her agents on the contested world.

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