Fourth Warship Granted Passage Into Nova Gaia Orbit – Welcome Elemental

<< Begin Transmission >>

The Free Cruiser Elemental has joined other independent warships in orbit above Nova Gaia. While the Administration continues to claim this is simply normal traffic, observers point out that previously Bay Control limited orbit to two armed ‘cruiser’ class vessels at a time. What this change in policy means remains to be seen.  This is not the Elemental’s first visit to the system: reportely the Cruiser was part of the freighter escort during the exdus from Mu Draconis.

<< Ships Log >>

*******Elemental System diagnostics Engine Status – 96% Capacity: Minor maintenance suggested.

Ladar – Short range scanners: 80% Capacity – Minor interference, acceptable operating levels. Long Range Scanners: Hardware failure. Reception minimal. Operational capacity – 15%

Hull Integrety – Chassis: 98% Armor: 75% Nanite Distribution Limited. Shield Generators: 93% Generators operating effictiently. Main Cannons – 100% Full power available. Coolant and Heat Sink efficiency: 95% Acceptable levels for combat.

Secondary Cannon Batteries: 90% Cannon five not responding, rotational servos active, power supply confirmed, focusing crystal present, issue currently unkown.

Missile Systems: 80% Targeting matrix within acceptable levels, launch tubes unobstructed, trigger mechanism active. Long range guidance unavailable.

Point Defense Turrets – 75% Turret three power supply verified, rotational servos not responding, focusing crystal unavailable, link to operational consoles unable to be established.

Life support – 98% Within operational parameters. Magnetic and multiphasic shields operating at full capacity. Emergency compensation available. Atmosphere scrubbers require maintenance.

Logistics – 50% Major systems functional, navigation limited, Supplemental systems unavailable: Inconsistent hardware, numerous incapatabilities detected, operational software causing unacceptable inconsistencies.

Core – 76% Uranium rod six expended, operating at minimal power levels.  Inconsistent power causing false compensation in core, replacement suggested, risk of meltdown minimal.

The Elemental spoke to Sashi as if it were her own body. Given the state of the ship when it was initially hauled into orbit the progress on repairs was astounding. Funding between Julia, Indy, and Valanice’s hacking had been a great deal of help in replacing parts that were blown into space in the ship’s unfortunate encounter were more readily available than she could have ever anticipated and between the  mechanically oriented group getting everything in place had put repairs far ahead of schedule.


The Elemental, Gunn Class Cruiser, In orbit above Nova Gaia.

They’d be ready for their first job as soon as she had direction and Julia had given approval to move the vessel.There was still crew that Sashi would prefer to have before moving though, the lack of a medic with her recently developing illness was concerning but it wasn’t the first time she’d been without.Gunners would help relieve her stress as well should the situation arise as well as a few fighter pilots to prevent being ambushed and tackled mid-sflight. Everyone seemed to get along though, with the exception of one potential problem but that would be dealt with. Once the real funding started coming in they’d be able to get her up to full capacity. The excitement was almost overwhelming for Sashi even in her pod.

The Elemental would fly again though, she would recover. With the help of her crew and her new captain and owner, transport, even perhaps combat would resume operation as normal. Until then she hovered far out of atmosphere over Botany Bay, itching to see use once more.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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