Mu Draconis Stable or Not? Sabers give way to other rattles.

<< Begin Transmission >>

A lull in the hostilities seems to have given the parties in the current Mu Draconis conflict time to rattle their keyboards and comm sets rather than their sabers.  Reports indicate that several parties have sent communiques to their adversaries.

Orbital merchantmen have reported receiving a transmission from the USD compound, apparently meant for the invading Ta’Seti who have set up an advanced base in the Wadi Emert region of the planet.  The transmission, indicates that the USD is willing to parlay with the Ta’Seti, exchanging some sort of regeneration technology, developed with the help of some Asgardians, with a cessation of hostilities.  Apparently, the recently developed technology would allow up to 66% regeneration of the Ta’Seti physiology. Why the Ta’Seti would need this technology has not been reported. Whether the USD speaks for the other allied races defending Mu Draconis remains to be seen. Defense analysts believe that this willingness to negotiate after limited hostiles indicates the possible fracture in the loose defensive alliance between the ‘native’ forces of Mu Draconis. This belief is further reinforced by other developments.

In other developments, the war or words between the Hoto Nagi and the Al Raqis Magistrate have entered a new phase. While initially preparing for some sort of armed action, the Hoto Nagi seem to have reconsidered their stance, dropping from ‘red’ alert to ‘yellow’. Both parties are reported to have exchanged communications on the matter. While the details of these communications remain undisclosed, sources inside the government report a suspected link between the Hoto Nagi and the Ta’Seti invasion: a link the Hoto Nagi strongly deny and wish to argue against in public. Analysts believe such claims to be unlikely as Hoto Nagi forces were among the first to engage the Ta’Seti in combat, and suffered several casualties. 

As always, the situation on Mu Draconis remains fluid and unstable.  Reports will be transmitted as updates become available.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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