Mu Drac Update & Corrections

<< Begin Transmission>>

Earlier reports that the transmission pleading for negations with the Ta’Seti originated from the USD compound have been proven false. An undisclosed USD officer reports that the USD have not, and will not issue such a communication are are ‘maintaining a wait and see posture’ in regards to the current conflicts on the spice rich world. 

Meanwhile, further investigation and several sources point to House Hoto Nagi as the origin of the wide band transmission. As the two organizations have operating bases in close proximity on the desert world, this new speculation is highly probable.  Hoto Nagi forces have also apparently returned to a normal defensive posture after a visit by an yet unnamed royal. The visitor, rumored to be a ‘prince’ seems to have had a calming influence on the Desert dwelling house. No news of how the other parties in this current conflict have reacted to these developments.

<< Nothing Follows >>

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