Hoto Nagi on Mu Draconis On Full Alert! New Civil War?

House Hoto Nagi based in the East Desert Basin region of Mu Draconis have ordered their security forces to full alert. This is reportedly in response to an order from the laandsrat order to detain two members of the Hoto Nagi, Dr Eliza and Safiya.  It is rumored that any members of the Mu Draconis government will be requited to disarm upon visiting any Hoto Nagi lands or facilities. How the ruling body of Mu Draconis will react to this challenge to their authority remains to be seen.  Historically, there has been much dispute of the Laandsrat or beit dawla’s authority outside of the city of Al Raqis, leaving the governing body little real authority in the vast deserts of the world.

Sources indicate that House Hoto Nagi deems the arrest orders an, “act of war.”  Com chatter overheard in the system indicates that the heavily armed house is mobilizing forces to deter any aggression aginst its members. The Hoto Nagi deploy extensive military forces in the Mu Draconis system, having most recently participated in repelling the Ta’Seti invasion.

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