Reports have surfaced that the cause of the recent crash of Companion Deebrane Sring’s disabled vessel into the Keajra Sea, Paquin, have been the subject of a Guild cover up. Reliable sources have provide ITN with documents describing an extensive salvage operation and cover up. The salvage vessel Extromar Explorer was custom fitted for the deep sea salvage of the vessel, and according to the source, when it was unable to successfully salvage the entire craft, the guild deployed unregistered nanotechnology to destroy the evidence. 

These extremes of secreacy may be explained by the Romulan’s assertion that Acolyte String was fleeing from Romulan patrol vessels, from withing romulan controlled space.  The guild neither publicly confirms nor denies these chargers, but privately sources have confirmed that Acolyte String was in fact fleeing from Romulan space, and that the Romulan vessels broke off pursuit when she crossed into alliance territory.

What this action has to do with the romulan incursion in the Rigel sector remains to be seen. Environmental authorities on Paquin are reportedly seeking restitution from the guild for unauthorized deployment of nanotechnology.  Where such advanced technology was sourced from also remains a mystery, but Acolyte String is known to have association with the shadowy Extropia. 

Extropia’s involvement may not be limited to providing the advanced technology to the guild. Activities of this mysterious cult remain shrouded, as the Paquin government  refuses to regulate their activities as the groups ranks swell. Now that their actions have brought the attention of off worlder’s this may change, as the latest incident has brought greater alliance attention to the situation on Paquin.  

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