Fight Club Opens on Pike Station

As tensions continue to build thoughout the ‘verse despite the almost eerily quiet week, Captain Jaegen Fenris announces the opening of a ‘fight club’ aboard Pike station, in orbit above Nova Gaia and the Botany Bay Colony.  The club, billed as an ultimate fighter gladiatorial venue, is an opportunity for warriors of all races to come and pitch their skill against others, hand to hand (or tenticle), no weapons.  Promoters promise a display of skill and strength, bookies promise a chance to win thousands of credits on the outcome.

When asked for comment, Lady Hengeyokai commented, ” Though I personally find such  contests of little entertainment and lack the honor of true combat, Capetian Jaegen is breaking no laws.”  It is not unusual that the Hengeyokai would find such arranged combat for money distasteful given the ritual nature of combat within the clans.

Fighters interested in participating in these contests should contact Captian Jaegen, or stop by Pike station.

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