Its Official, Romulans Behind Rigel Attacks! ………………………………………. Imperial Observer Dispatched To Mu Draconis

<< Begin Transmission>>

Romulans over Rigel

Romulan Warbird Decloaks and fires on Passing Merchant Vessel over Rigel, 29 March 2512

ITN has received footage that confirms recent attacks on merchant shipping in the Rigel sector is the work of the Romulans.  This screen shot, captured by an undisclosed vessel, shows at YT-1400 free trader being fired upon by a recently decloaked Romulan Warbird.

Orion authorities had no comment, but it is reported that Romulans are also behind the attack on Baiame Station.  Whether this military action extends outside of the Rigel sector is unknown at this time, though speculation continues to circulate that the attack on the Companion vessel which hospitalized one of their ladies, is connected to events over Rigel.

The Botany Bay Administration has reissued NOTAMS #301 and 302 regarding travel into the Rigel system.  It is speculated that the recent visits to Highport by Romulan vessels may have indicated the opening moves of the current action. Recent reports have also surfaced that Starfleet Security officals had recently dispatched a Vulcan officer to the Colony, warning of Romulan interest in the Colony and other heavily travelled worlds.  The administration has no comment to ongoing matters of security, when asked if Romulan vessels were still welcome at the colony administrator Jubilynn had this to say, “ Botany Bay remains an open port, to all those who seek peaceful trade and exploration.”   Anyalsts predict that any Romulan requests to open the slipgate will be denied, and travel though the system for the Empire will be limited to much smaller, slip capable vessels.  

——   Imperial Observer dispatched to Araxes regarding Invasion ———-

In response to the most recent military action in the Mu Draconis System the Spice Empire has dispatched an Imperial Observer to the world.  Margrave Princely Count Sardar Kumar Sri Rai Sahib Khanzadeh has been appointed as Imperial Observer with, “extraordinary minister plenipotentiary powers throughout the Geminga-Solmani Sphere.”

What these powers mean in reality remains to be seen. It is believed, that as in the past, the Empire’s ability to police actions on the contested world are limited to issuing findings and observing what transpires without any real ability to influence the outcome. Local politics are widely believed to govern the system, independently of the Imperial Authority, who seems to hold sway over the region in name only.

Little news have trickled out of the system since the attacks over the weekend, the local government has held several sessions, but has yet to make a public comment on the attacks, or damage to the spice refining and industrial facilities.

<< End Transmission >>

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