Busy Day in the ‘Verse …. CRASH Resupplies Mu Draconis …. USD conducts Joint HAZMAT Exercise …. Traders Rendezvous At Spinwheel, Paquin…… Ambassador and High Priestess Found & on Trial: Trial of Tamzin Alexander……. More Destruction Baiame Station

<< Begin Transmission >>

It’s been a busy day in the neighbor’verse, let’s get to it.

*** CRASH Supplies Mu Draconis ***

Under contract of House Hengeyokai CRASH dispatched medical relief supplies to the embattled world of Mu Draconis. The ISSCV departed Botany Bay for Mu Draconis with a medical team under the command of Dr Samantha Fox and Nurse Mercedes Verne and several tons of supplies and a new GiaGen mobile decon unit.   The vessel was subject to harassing fire while making the aerospace transition into the Araxes atmosphere, presuming from the blocking fleet.

CRASH supplies @ the Splintered Rock Landing Pads

Dr Fox inventoring supplies as they are off loaded at the Splintered Rock landing pads, Araxes Mu Draconis.

Once on world the medical team delivered the supplies to several civilian agencies and participated in a HAZMAT drill with the United Systems Directorate organized by Lt.Col. John Collins. The medical team was able to demonstrate CRASH’s expertise as well as the capabilities of the new GiaGen portable decon station.  Local USD authorities seemed pleased with the outcome of the joint exercise. CRASH representatives reportedly met with several local authorities before departing with a load of refugees fleeing the recent violence. 

Joint HAZMAT Drill

Lt.Col. John Collins, USD commander an Dr Samantha Fox look on as CRASH Nurse Mercedes Verne runs USD Sgt Gerret Edlin though the GiaGen portable decon station.


*** Traders Rendezvous at Spinwheel – Paquin ***

More evidence of commerce moving despite the dangers unfolding throughout the ‘verse, a loose group rumored to be called the, The Free Traders, hosted a Trader’s Rendezvous at Spinwheel in the Paquin system. The loose conglomeration of traders and ship captains traded cargos and trade routes and discussed new technologies and techniques to increase profits and safety among the merchant boat crews. Paquin seeks to fill the void left by the destruction or abandonment of several nearby colonies and stands ready to join worlds such as Botany Bay and Mu Draconis as a hub of trade and commerce.

*** Trial of Ambassador Tamzin Alexander ***

In a surprise announcement out of Rigel, Ambassador Tamzin Alexander was put on trial by the Orion Council for, in the words of Justicar Alestia, “The Orion Vaj Tabadi is charged with neglect of duty, due to the fact, she was supposed to be wed to a subject that had been pre-determined by the Orion high council and she is wishing to go against this as she claims to have “fallen in love ” with the high priestess of Paquin ..” 

News of the resurfacing of Tamzin and High Priestess Varahi Lusch, who reportedly had been in hiding in the Rigel system for several days in an apparent attempt to avoid Orion Authorities.  The revelation of the relationship between the women has complicated diplomatic relations between the Guild and Confederation, when tensions are already high due to events in the Rigel system.

The Lovers at Trial

Vaj Tabadi Tamzin and High Priestess Varahi and onlookers listen as the charges are levied aginst Tamzin by the Orion Council.

The trial, ordered by the Orion Council, was adjudicated by Advocate Shujuan and Justicar Alestia  was attended by many Guild Companions and other interested parties, including Lady Jubilynn Hengeyokai, and Captain Thallanor Rasmuson of the Starfleet Station Tranquility.

  In a spirited exchange several parties pleaded for leniency, the matter of law became two fold.

  1. Was Tamzin guilty of defying the council’s orders?
  2. Was bidding still open for her ownership.

After hearing all evidence the Advocate ruled on the first point:

 “This matter at hand is not to be taken lightly you have broken rules that you clearly knew and were contracted to obligate. So in this your sentencing will be relative.. You are to spend 24 hours in solitary confinement in order to reflect on your actions. and once you have done this you will be Whipped by one of your own Magrens with an audience present, The magren will give you 10 lashings. “

Orion Council Trial of Tamzin Alexander

The parties aruge in Tamzin's case, while developing plans for a successful bid on her ownership.

The second matter became one of bidding, in treasure and influence, what price would it take for Varahi to gain Tamzin’s ownership?  With some shrewd jockeying by Lady Hengeyokai, Lady Varahi with the finical backing of Captain Thallanor, was able to secure the winning bid on Vaj Tabadi Tamzin. In Lady Hengeyokai’s words,

“I believe the Vaj Tabadi’s position as ambassador would be greatly enhanced by her association with such a respected House as the Companion Guild , and her ownership by the High Priestess would do much to advance the Orion people’s cause on many worlds “

In the end, Lady Hengeyokai sweetened Varahi’s and Thallanor’s bid, with an inclusion of slaves from the Botany Bay market,  knowing that any traditional offering bid, would need to include such treasure, and that the market at the Bay would provide a source of slaves normally unavailable to the Orions.

The offer was accepted by the appointed Advocate, and in a nod to their ‘love’ had the following to offer, “The High Priestess has no standing to bid. However, I rule and affirm that force majeure is present. The tradition and custom of the Orion marketplace, in this instance, will yield to the bond between these women, and will submit to their love.”

Perhaps she had no standing, but the Orions, always shrewd , saw a good deal and opportunity when it was presented.  Tamzin is expected to pass into Lady Varahi’s ownership after her sentence is carried out.


*** More Trouble in the Rigel Sector ***

News of the destruction of the Baiame station reached the Bay via Rigel early in the day. Baiame was a research station on the edge of Orion space.  Sources within the administration report the same trace energy signatures were detected on the wreckage as previously reported in other alleged attacks in the region.  Casualty figures were not available, but it is believes the station was lost with all hands.

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