More Sad News … Washtown Colony Destroyed

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News has reached the Bay of the destruction of the Washtown colony on Burnet. Reports indicate a cascading failure of one of the fusion power cores that powered the colony. The reactors reached critical mass and exploded, destroying much of the colony and blanketing large swaths of Burnet with radioactive debris.

Colonists were evacuated to the nearby world of Colchester where they were treated for injuries. Casualty reports have been low, thanks to quick action by the colonial authorities.  A UAP spokesperson praised the efforts of the colonists in their quick evacuation, but stated that due to the damage, the world would be uninhabitable.  Many colonists lost everything in the explosion and are left only with what they had in their pockets when the evacuation klaxons sounded.

House Hengeyokaii has set up a relief fund for the survivors, intrested parties can inquire at any Hengeyokai colony. The CRASH hospital at Botany Bay stands ready to accept any overflow patients from Colchester. When asked to comment Administrator Jubilynn had this to say, ” Our hearts go out to the citizens of Washtown. As fellow denizens of the black, it is in trying times like these, we must reach out to helps others who have faced the same trials as ourselves. We stand ready to assist our extended Familia in their time of need.”

More news of this tragedy can be found on the Cortex News at:

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