Attack On Mu Draconis

And so it begins …. Or repeats ….

“This is Maya Lunar of the Dusk Reqiuem, hostile fleet in Araxes airspace, Ta’Seti markings decorate the damn things, there’re explosions on the surface, Araxes is under attack, I repeat, Araxes is under attack”

The frenzied transmission was picked up at 1056 hrs  Galactic Standard Time (GST) from the Araxes system.  An alien race tentatively identified as the Ta’Seti  have reportedly launched an attack on the embattled world. The initial strike has targeted the Spice Refinery, with reports of smoke billowing from the compound. Travelers who gated off the world, reported air attacks and the landing off ground forces in the desert outside the capital as well as in the region know as Wadi Emet.

Refugees fleeing the conflict have reported that local security forces have engaged the invaders.  Forces consisting of elements of the USD, Hoto Nagi and SSFS fought a running battle in the desert that lasted over an hour. Causality reports have yet to be released but are expected to be high.

Monitoring Mu Draconis

Adminstration Monitoring the Information coming in from Mu Draconis form the CiC at Botany Bay

Numerous worlds have offered humanitarian assistance to the embattled citizens of the Mu Draconis system. During the assault, many visitors gated off world to more secure locations.

The motivation of the Ta’Seti ‘s attack is still unknown, as no communication has been received from them. Analysts have speculated the attacks on the refinery and industrial facilities indicates the Ta’Seti’s intention to further disrupt the economy of the system, which is just recovering from last years  combat, and subsequent Black Pox plague.

This is the second outbreak of hostilities in the ‘verse in the last several weeks, with the situation over Rigel still unresolved.

House Hengeyokai has issued a NOTAMS to spacers and travlers, informing them of the outbreak of hostilities.  Several Commercial shipping and passenger lines have already diverted traffic from the Mu Draconis system, with the worlds of Paquin and Dragon’s Egg seeing an increase in port activity due to this unexpected traffic.

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