Trouble over Rigel Continues ……… Mu Draconis Military Action? …….. CRASH Aquired

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Reports of trouble in the Rigel system continue. With reestablishment of communications, information has begun to trickle out of the system as to its current state and disposition.  Troubling news of attacks on vessels able to successfully navigate to the system have been reported. Unnamed sources close to the investigation state that evidence of triphasic radiation and residue antiprotons have been detected in vicinity of these unconfirmed attacks. The entire system is still under several NOTAMS to travelers. Due to these notices, and the navigational difficulties,  all standard commercial traffic is being diverted from the system. A few skilled pilots are reported to have been reported to be able to navigate the distruption.

Tensions over the prolonged navigational disruption continue to raise, fueled by reports of attacks on what shipping is making its way into the system.  The Companion Guild of Paquin is particularly concerned, as their High Priestess, Lady Varahi Lusch is long over due from her trip to the Rigel system with Orion Ambassador Tamzin Alexander. Neither the Companions or Orions are willing to comment publicly on the matter. Investigations continue over the disappearance, as well as attacks on Companion vessels out side of the Rigel System. There has been growing speculation that these events may be linked.

The Hengeyokai colony at Botany Bay continues to host both Orion and Companion vessels involved in the search. Colonists have commented they have never seen so many finely dressed courtesans on the world. The administration has so far been tight lipped as to the circumstances surrounding these events. Although the colony as been a staging point for both the reestablishment of communications with Rigel, and the Salvage of derlict vessels by the Bewolf in support of this effort, Colony Administrator, and House Hengeyokai Kahn Jubilynn Lane has stated, ” Matters in the RIgel and Paquin systems are the Provence of the governments and peoples of those systems. As allies and, more importantly, friends of both the Guild and Orion coalition, House Hengeyokai stands ready to render what assistance we can.”


That assistance my be limited, as events in another sector of the ‘verse move to center stage. Unconfirmed reports of military activity in and around the Mu Dracoins system have steadily increased in the last few days. One intelligence analyst was quoted ” when isn’t there military activity in the Mu Draconis system?”, then went on to describe reported movements of vessels of the Myrmidon Order consistent with  previous attacks on the Mu Draconis system.  It has been nearly a year since the last incursion by the Order into heavily militarized, often contested system.  These movements have reportedly caused CRASH to rethink attending the joint HAZMAT training scheduled to take place at the Splintered Rock landing pads this Saturday.  If such an incursion occurs, it will surely leed to destabilize the government of Araxes, which is already recovering from vicious infighting between the ruling houses  and the aftermath of the black pox outbreak.

—————  CRASH Acquired by GaiaGen

CRASH has announced their acquisition by GaiaGen, a large privately owned corporation. GaiaGen is based out of the Nova Unity Colony in the  Dark Regent Drift. Reports indicate that GaiaGen is the corporate arm of House Hengeokai, with the Clans of the Hengeokai consolidating their corporate holdings under one umbrella company. GaiaGen has released a statement, welcoming CRASH to the GaiaGen family, and reaffirming CRASH’s role in bringing cutting edge medical care to the edges of the ‘verse.  CRASH (Colonial Regional Amblatory and Surgical Hospitals) is ons of the premire field medical services outside of the glagitic cores compeating with the venerable Doc Wagon to provide Hospitals, Clinics, Medical personel and teams though out the known ‘verse.

<< Nothing Follows >>

One thought on “Trouble over Rigel Continues ……… Mu Draconis Military Action? …….. CRASH Aquired

  1. The Companion’s Guild neither confirms nor denies that “their High Priestess, Lady Varahi Lunch, is long overdue,” but does regret to see further irresponsible speculations about so-called “attacks on Companion vessels” and emphasizes that the Companions are strictly neutral in all political conflicts, entirely pacifistic, and eminently capable of protecting themselves — one and all — against any form of hostility.

    –Fa-Le Yan
    for the High Priestess

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