Communications ReEstablished with Rigel

<< Begin Log >>

Operation “Two Cans & A string” was successfully executed 17 March 2512, reestablishing communications with the Orion Home wold of Rigel. The mission was planned and executed by members of several groups including the Companion Guild of Paquin, Orion Ambrosia Coalition,  The crew of the USS Tranquility, and Communications experts form the Hengeyokai colony at Botany Bay.

While the crew of the Tranquility ‘set the conditions’ for a successful mission by providing patrolling and security for the Orion and Companion vessels, the allied crews deployed a new communications relay that enable the Botany Bay Colony to successfully transmit and receive communications from the Rigel System. Currently the relay has limited capacity and messages are routed in que, but priority order.

Initial reports out of Rigel have reported the system under interdiction by an unknown force. Sources close to the investigation report that evidence of Romulan energy and weapons signatures have been consistent with the data collected in the Rigel System. 

During the mission, a derelict vessel with a high unknown energy signature was found interfering with the establishment of communications. Captain Thallanor Rasmuson, Commander of the USS Tranquility called to the assistance of the crew of the salvage vessel Beowolf, based out of Pike Station, Botany Bay, to assist with special equipment. As of this posting, no further information is available.

The where abouts and disposition of the Companion High Priestess and Orion Ambassador are still unknown at this time. 

Bewold Departs

Bewolf Departing enroute to USS Tranquility, passing Icus transport.

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