Trouble Reported In Rigel System

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Reports from mulitple locations point to trouble in the Rigel system, home to Rigel VII the Orion Homeworld.  Reports started earlier in the week, with several NOtices To All Member Species ( NOTAMS ) issued by the Navigation center at Botnay Bay. NOTAMS #BB301 & #BB302 detailed reports of distuption to both slipstream and subspace travel into the system, as well a a loss in long range communications. Further developments included the deployment of multiple starfleet warships to the area in an apparent military operation.

Now the Cortex News Service reports trouble over Paquin, with the crash of a companion vessel. The vessel was reportedly damaged by some sort of weapons fire. How are these incidents related? Is is coincidence that the Companion High Priestess is currently traveling with the orion ambassador in the Rigel system?

With the prolonged outage to the rigel system, it is likely a crew may be contracted by House Hengeyokai investigate the situation and report back their findings.   In response to the rasising tensions, several stations in the Nova Gaia system have stepped up passive security measures and increased tactical systems diagonistics. As is protocol the colony itself refrains to making statments of ongoing operational issues, however a NOTAMS was issued to remind incomming slip captians to ensure their approach and arrival is expected, or risk collapse of the slippoint upon their vessel with out warning.

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