Nurse Mercedes Verne

<Log Entry>

Colonial Regional Amblatory and Surgical Hospitals , better known as CRASH provides medical services at many locations thoughout the rim. House Hengeyokai is a heavy investor and supporter of CRASH, with several large, advanced, well stocked medical facilities located on Hengeyokai colonies.  Nurse Mercedes Verne is a CRASH Nurse currently assinged to the Medbay a the Botnay Bay Colony.

Mercedes Verne

<From the Desk of Duty Nurse Mercedes Verne>

It is great to be back from the war zone.  As a  Combat Nurse with a forward surgical team it was very difficult, yet rewarding.  I was reassigned from Botany Bay about a year ago. Even tho a brief assignment at Botany Bay CRASH Facility, I met a few of you there at the old colony.  I see there are a lot of changes since I have made it back.

Since back I am trying to set up some meal times for all of the crew that want to join me at the botany bay colony. We can sit and eat and talk. And have a healthy meal too. I do hope to see you there.

Also I have been busy doing company & crew exams, along with health, welfare and safety inspections.  I am visiting many of the stations and ships here to be ensure the regulations are followed.

I have had to take care of a few emergencies too.

So please stop by when you get a chance.

Duty Nurse Mercedes Verne Botany Bay Med Center

Nurse Verne On Duty, CRASH Medical Bay

<Log Entry End>

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