Zix’s Distress Call

<<Log Entry Begin>> << Personal Log Captian Zix >>

As per the request of the Botany Bay administration, I am creating a situation report for the issue with my ship today. The Correlian, my recently purchased long range observation ship entered the Botany Bay Colony sector of space coming from the Splintered Rock sector early last night.  At aprox 1030hr this morning after setting course to leave orbit of the colony the ship experienced a full system shutdown.  Minimum backup power was enabled and life support was shut down in the airlock and cargo bay as well as in the passenger section.  EVA protocol was enabled and a priority distress signal was issued along with a position beacon.  Within minutes the Colony Operations responded to the distress call and dispatched a repair team.  It turned out that a metal component in the main power conduit over heated and melted.  It was a simple repair I was informed.  Normally I could take care of simple things like this myself but it was a new ship for me and I hadn’t had much time to explore her inner guts.

I have held back my departure till I can make sure nothing like this happens again in mid jump or worse, in combat or escape.

Colony Shuttle Alpha (foreground) and Indy's Ramscoop dock with the distressed boat high over the colony.

<<Log Entry End>> << Captian Zix >>

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