Port Authority gets some use

<< Begin Transmission >>

The new Port Authority complex got some heft use in its first few hours being fully operational. Visitors from the far off Citidel arrived unexpectedly. Having used one of their Mass Drivers and encountered some sort of error, leading them to enter the slipstream and arrive at the Colony.  According to Adminstrator Lane, this is not an unheard of occurance, and the colony has seen several visitors from the citidel and allied worlds of the last sevreal years.

The complex also welcomed an unusual away team from an unknown federation vessel. The team was apparently on the prowl for a new wife for their captian. The main attribute seemd to be that she be ‘hot’.  The adminstration directed them to to marketplace, where they may be able to purchase such a ‘wife’. The team was eventually escorted back to their vessel by RAM when they attempted to steal a shuttle from the landing bay, to quote an Lt, ” we needed a ship”.   Those Fleeters sure are an odd bunch.

The Adminstration also welcomed the orion / companion co-deligation to the colony this afternoon. Security for the party is tight, with the orions having rented a block of rooms at the Hotel Coral Essex on deck 2, west. Security is being provided by the orions in this sector of the colony with RAM’s oversite.  This visit builds on the success of diplomatic realtions between the colony, orions and companions including the recent visit by the compaion guild intersession ‘field trip’.

<< Transmission Ended >>

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